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  • The Correct Milk Temperature

    The Correct Milk Temperature

    If the milk is under 60°C (140°F), the milk will be the overpowering flavour of the drink.
    We believe that 65°C (150°F) to 70°C (158°F) is the best temperature for the milk.  At this temperature the milk is still flavoursome but the true flavours of the espresso are allowed to shine through.
    Over 70°C (158°F) the milk [...]

  • The Chemistry of Milk

    The Chemistry of Milk

    Studying the chemistry of milk can get, well – nerdy and technical, but it is necessary for our craft and the perfection of things like foam and latte art.  So take a pencil out of your pocket protector, fellow nerds, and let’s get started.
    Don’t worry, you are not going to need a chemistry book [...]

  • Frothing Milk with a Thermometer

    Frothing Milk with a Thermometer

    Frothing milk is essential to many of the drinks served in a cafe.  Cappuccinos, mochas, lattes and espresso macchiatos all use frothed milk.  The fat content of the milk used will greatly affect the frothing process.  In grocery store milk the lower the fat content the higher the volume of froth.
    For best results the [...]

  • Consistency is the Key to Success

    Consistency is the Key to Success

    As any good barista knows consistency between one cup and another is the mark of excellence.
    If a customer has come to expect a certain taste, blend or fullness they begin to enjoy anticipating that experience every time they come into your café or espresso bar.  It is one of the most important considerations for [...]